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 Slide from teacher training course

Slide from teacher training course

Yoga is about our relationship with everything. It has evolved over thousands of years, from seated meditation to sequenced postures. Practices traditionally involve concentration and connection, stilling the mind while developing strength and flexibility.

The ultimate goal is transcendent. Originally, this meant freedom from rebirth. Practitioners today have other priorities. Although ancient texts are still inspiring, some of their teachings might need reinterpreting.

Combining scholarly knowledge with practical insight, Daniel makes modern sense of timeless wisdom. His experience includes an MA in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation (from SOAS in London), and fifteen years of study with senior teachers round the world.

He teaches online for the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, on teacher trainings and in workshops. He also works with private students.




 Photo by Beth McDougall

Photo by Beth McDougall

Daniel's approach is dynamic and playfully challenging, combining Iyengar-style tips on technique with Ashtanga Vinyasa's breath-led flow.

Sequences vary to explore different postures. Some basic pranayama (yogic breathing) is also included, along with sitting in silence and extended relaxation.

All classes are general level. Beginners are welcome.


Daniel is travelling at the moment. Regular classes will resume when he returns.


Everyone can benefit from customised guidance on their practice. Private classes can also be shared with friends or colleagues (the hourly charge remains the same). To schedule a session at home, at work or a studio, contact Daniel.

About Daniel

 Photo by Beth McDougall

Photo by Beth McDougall