Exploring the Theory of Practice

Image: Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies

Image: Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies

Would you like to know more about the origins of yoga and how it developed? 

I'm teaching online courses on the Philosophy of Yoga for the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies. The next starts on 13 October 2019, and runs for two months.

It includes a weekly video lecture and readings from yoga texts, plus an optional essay (due for submission a few weeks after the course). There's also a forum for online discussions and Q&A, in which I draw on my studies with researchers on the SOAS Hatha Yoga Project.

The cost to enroll, including all materials, is £110 (or $140). See here for more details:

We begin with the ideas of Vedanta and Samkhya on which the earliest expositions of Yoga are based. This preliminary study will then provide a basis for a consideration of the teachings on Yoga found in the Upanishads, Bhagavad-gita, and Yoga Sutras as well as a thorough review of the Tantric roots of Hatha Yoga practice.

This course gives a detailed understanding of the fundamental ideas on which Yoga practice is based and the ways in which it has developed during the ensuing millennia.

A recent participant described the teaching as "illuminating", saying it "opened a door for me in my understanding and affected my practice also."

All levels of experience are welcome: no previous study of texts on yoga is assumed, and there are lots of suggestions for wider reading.

Header image: "Transmission of the teachings" (Mehrangarh Museum Trust)