In October, I'll be teaching yoga history and philosophy on a teacher training course in London.

There'll be 15 hours of classes over two days (22 / 23 October), exploring what we know about the evolution of practice from the distant past to the present day.

This essay gives a brief introduction to what to expect. The photo above shows Jim Mallinson, with whom I've been studying as part of my MA in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation.

The course is at West London Buddhist Centre, which has a beautiful practice space near Paddington. It's being run over 12 weekends (from 10 September to 11 December) by Heather Elton, with specialist assistance from Stuart Girling (anatomy and physiology), Heather Mason (yoga and mental health) and other guest teachers.

As Heather says: "If you're looking for an excellent Yoga Teacher Training in London, check this one out..."

See below for more information, including pictures and a flyer.

Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (via ELTONYOGA.COM)

RYT Yoga Alliance Accreditation (200+ hours)

The course is for a small and select group of students. Students are given personal attention that is sensitive to their needs and ongoing development;
This is a transformative training where you’ll experience an authentic process that makes you look at your own reality, takes you deeper in your own practice, and gives you the skills to teach yoga. It will give you the capability to teach from your own experience and practical knowhow that are the stamp of an interesting teacher - someone with something to say about yoga practice because you have lived it. You can only teach what you know;
Hindu, Buddhist and contemporary yogic philosophy are taught in a way that lifts it ‘off the page’, and ‘off the mat,’ so you can integrate philosophy into your teaching and personal practice. The philosophy is relevant to both the physical experience and the spiritual practice. It is not an academic lesson, but a yogic inquiry relevant to real life;
Integrate ancient wisdom traditions with contemporary psychology into a mindful practice;
Practice Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga and watch your body/mind transform;
Get hands-on experience with adjustments (so you are prepared to work alongside someone in the real world);
Study BKS Iyengar alignment principles; learn techniques to breakdown difficult asanas (inversions, arm balances, backbends, etc) to teach ‘workshop style’;
Build movement vocabularies and learn to sequence Vinyasa Flow as a seamless ‘moving meditation’;
Practical Teaching: learn to demonstrate & adjust asanas; work in groups & individually to create a Vinyasa Flow sequences; structure & teach a yoga class; watch videos of your performance and get feedback from teachers & colleagues;
Learn how to teach basic Pranayama and Meditation; Restorative yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra; Make Yoga your Business

A gallery of pictures from previous trainings is below - or see here for a flyer.