A four-week study group in London

Yoga beyond “the eight limbs”

With Daniel Simpson

Mon, 23 Sep - 14 Oct 2019 (18:15 - 19:30)
Triyoga Camden (£45)

Book now at  triyoga.co.uk

Book now at triyoga.co.uk

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is often said to be the source of yogic teachings. Yet the text lists no postures, gives limited instructions and its ultimate goal is a state of isolation from worldly existence. So what makes it relevant to modern practitioners?

As the foundational treatise of yoga philosophy, it’s an obvious reference point for teachers, and a way to authenticate methods that differ from Patanjali’s. Reading the sutras together – with reference to extracts from traditional commentaries – we will clarify their message and how it’s interpreted.

Although yoga can sometimes mean “union”, Patanjali’s system has the opposite aim: the separation of matter and consciousness. However, there are also worldlier aspects. His analysis of how the mind works helps to minimise suffering, and his meditative methods can be used to find freedom in embodied activity.

We will be using the translation by Edwin Bryant, which summarises commentaries. To prepare for each session, we read one chapter. Handouts offer some guidance on themes to consider, but everyone’s contributions shape the discussion.

Please come to the opening session having read the first chapter and Bryant’s introduction. 

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