A four-week study group in London

Reading fiction for insight

With Daniel Simpson

Mon, 18 Feb - 11 Mar 2019 (18:15 - 19:30)
Triyoga Camden (£45)

Book now at  triyoga.co.uk

Book now at triyoga.co.uk

Can wisdom be taught or does it have to be lived? Siddhartha is a classic account of the spiritual quest, balancing worldly and yogic objectives. 

Set at the time of the Buddha, 2,500 years ago, Hermann Hesse’s novel brings history to life. Many of Siddhartha’s dilemmas still echo today, exploring a path between self-indulgence and self-discipline. How do we find the right teacher to show us ourselves? Can we follow our hearts without being controlled by our desires? 

Discussing these and other questions together in four weekly sessions, we will relate the book’s themes to contemporary life. We will also examine the links between some of its influences, from early Upanishads to the teachings of the Buddha and yogic ascetics with whom he studied before his awakening. 

Does silence speak louder than words? Can fiction get closer to truth than philosophy and history? Siddhartha encourages readers to find their own answers. Each week, we will prepare for the group conversation by reading three chapters. Daniel will provide some suggestions for themes to consider, but our discussions will focus on whatever is of interest to participants.

Please come to the first session having read the first three chapters of Siddhartha. We recommend the original translation by Hilda Rosner, but it’s fine to read any edition.