An Overview of Yoga’s Evolution

Four weeks of study, live online

This engaging new course grew out of what I present on teacher trainings. A Brief History of Yoga was initially taught in March and April 2018, via Embodied Philosophy. An updated version will start again soon.

The original format was four weekly talks with Q&A. Each session lasted two hours, with recordings to watch again later. Recommended readings were also provided, along with a discussion forum. To quote the course summary:

A Brief History of Yoga

Over the past 2,500 years, yoga has evolved from a way of transcending the world to a multi-billion-dollar industry. But where did its practices come from and what was their purpose? How has that changed as traditions transform? Are there common ideas that make practices yogic? If so, are they relevant to modern practitioners?

This four-week course puts contemporary yoga into context, with an insightful and engaging overview of history and philosophy. From the Vedic Upaniṣads, via the Bhagavad Gītā and Yoga Sūtra, to more recent texts on haṭha yoga, we will trace the main themes in yogic teachings, and look at some less commonly studied sources.

Accessible and fun, combined with academic depth, the course explores the latest scholarly findings.

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Originally taught via  Embodied Philosophy

Originally taught via Embodied Philosophy