SOAS Library, London

SOAS Library, London

As a journalist, Daniel told clear and lively stories, and learned the importance of structural editing. In the meantime, he's worked as a sub-editor and proof-read scripts and book-length manuscripts. He's also written one himself, which was published in 2012 by Zero Books. 


Daniel likes sharing his skills to help ideas reach wider audiences. Whatever your level of experience, fresh perspectives can help. Together, you'll define clear priorities and sharpen your focus.

You'll get insightful and honest suggestions, engaging closely with your work and what you want it to achieve. Depending on how much you've written, and how much assistance you require, this can range from a brief exchange of emails to months of interaction.

Rates for these services vary, depending on circumstances. To discuss a proposal, contact Daniel. He's also open to other collaborative projects, from ghost-writing books to preparing a speech. In general, he aims to promote constructive change.

Of those who helped me formulate and write the book none did more than Daniel Simpson. His passion for dissecting journalism, astute brain and exacting logic all made my work more thorough, better-argued and coherent than it would otherwise have been.
— Patrick Chalmers, author and activist